History iSchool Siegen

The School of Media and Information is an central institute of the University of Siegen, which emerged from the Institute of Media Research (IfM). The iSchool of the University of Siegen is part of a large network. More than 60 colleges and universities from different countries belong to this network. All these iSchools have their individual special subject, but they all share the interest in the connection between humans and technology. In 2013, the Institute of Media Research (IfM) of the University of Siegen has joined the international network of the School of Information, which was renamed in 2015 into iSchool (School of Media and Information). The iSchool at the University of Siegen offers a new international master program, unique opportunities and a great attraction for students. The combination of computer science with the approaches of media and cultural studies, which is supported by external funds, provides a high practical relevance. For more information visit the iSchool website: http://ischools.org.