Alumni and Industry

Perspectives: Business

Depending on their personal specialization and focus, graduates are open to a variety of occupational fields. Classic examples are positions as interaction designers, usability testers, usability / UX consultants, but also areas such as management (agile) software projects are open. Due to the high diversity of the specialization possibilities in the course of studies and the range of research projects in which experience can be gained (both in the form of studies and in the form of cooperation as a student assistant), the HCI Master in Siegen offers an unusually wide range of opportunities for the students to specialize.

Perspectives: Science

The chairs of the business informatics at the University of Siegen can prove an outstanding publication history even in international comparisons. Interested students from the HCI Master are glad to be involved in the research at an early stage and are indeed active here as scientists with a lot of self-responsibility. Also publications and conference participations with co-operation or even student alone are not uncommon, HCI students from Siegen were already represented at conferences all over the world from Paris to Vancouver and had the opportunity to present their works, which for students with a corresponding inclination, of course, excellent on a scientific career.

Quotes from HCI alumni: Katja Gutjahr

In HCI studies, I was able to deepen my knowledge in the field of user research, but I also learned how to think about a designer. Creative work and development of new ideas with a focus on user-centered design were reflected in practice-oriented projects and research. I was able to pursue my interests through interdisciplinary lectures and the establishment of my own main focus. During my studies, I completed a six-month internship in the area of ​​Interaction Design and is currently working as a product manager with a focus on UX.

Quotes from HCI alumni: Hannes Kurze

The HCI Master allowed me to apply methodological knowledge in university projects and to develop my own personal direction. In short, a good preparation and reference for the professional life. Hannes Kurz, Junior User Experience Designer at Goodgamestudios (Altigi GmbH) in Hamburg.


The University of Siegen was advised by an Advisory Board of internationally leading scientists in the field of HCI. The voices of all these well-known researchers were heard before, during and after the development of the Siegener HCI concept, and we are still in close contact with a large number of international scientists who are also partially visiting Siegen For our HCI teaching.

Advisory Committee

Prof. Dr. John M. Carroll, Penn State, USA
Prof. Dr. Antonella De Angeli, Manchester Business School, UK
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Fischer, University of Colorado, USA
Prof. Dr. Michael Herczeg, University of Lübeck, Germany
Prof. Dr. John L. King, University of Michigan, USA
Prof. Dr. Brad Myers, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Prof. Dr. Gary M. Olson, University of California, Irvine, USA


Dr. Joerg Beringer
Vice president of SAP Labs, Palo Alto
Products from SAP increasingly support informal and knowledge-intensive business processes. In order for these socio-technical systems to function as precisely as possible, the understanding of human work practices is essential for the design of future business applications. Therefore, product designers with broad competences in Human Computer Interaction for SAP will continue to play an important role in the future.

Dr. Roman Englert
Deutsche Telekom
Graphical user interfaces, which are adaptable to usage habits and personal preferences, are a challenge in the age of various end devices. Mass applications such as e-mail, online department store and home data access should be easy and reliable for everyone. In the new HCI study program, we see the potential to train young people for precisely these challenges.

Sabrina Duda
Managing Director / Managing Director & Partner, eye square GmbH
I am thrilled that there is finally an HCI Master! Our company specializes in usability services. So far, there was no course of study in this area, which provides the necessary qualifications. This gap is now filled by the HCI master; So I see great job opportunities for graduates of the HCI-Masters.

Philippe Nuderscher
Managing Partner of expeer GmbH, Bonn
Basing on a good user-oriented computer science education in the area of ​​Prof. Dr. Wulf, I founded the expeer in Bonn 8 years ago. The expeer is specialized in products and consulting.

Dipl.-Inform. Dennis Conze
CONZE Informatik GmbH
As specialists for user interface engineering, we are confronted daily with tasks related to interface design, interaction design, usability and software engineering. Their processing as well as the Human Computer Interaction in its holistic form are essential success criteria in the medical sector and are gaining importance in the implementation of ISO standards in product development. This is why we are grateful for the intensive relationship with the HCI Faculty and welcome the Master Program as the first of its kind in Germany. We look forward to seeing what the students of the master program will do in the future.

Rainer Weckbach
Managing Director of get in GmbH
As an online platform for IT professionals, we observe that applicants with HCI skills have good chances in the labor market. The offer of jobs with this focus is very good and applicants in our database of HCI skills are getting many inquiries from companies. Particularly in the case of automotive suppliers, there is a high demand for HCI specialists, but also in many other industries, skills in the Human Computer Interaction are very much in demand. We find it great that with the HCI Master, there is now the possibility to specialize in this field already during the studies.