Entry requirements

The HCI course of study is intended for bachelor graduates of information systems, applied informatics, informatics or a comparable course of study dealing essentially with software and media design. Students from other courses are welcome to apply but proof of 30 credit points from the areas of software design and/or creative design (including creative media design, interaction design etc.) is essential. The key prerequisite is both the wish and the ability to engage with people in their real-life contexts and to conceive tailor-made systems for them on the basis of situational understanding.

Application procedure

According to formal university regulations, all applications should be addressed in the first instance to the examinations office (“Prüfungsamt”) in Faculty III. HCI offers the additional option for you to send your application to Sebastian Hofheinz, the HCI Academic Advisor. This is strongly recommended as Marco is equipped to answer questions many prospective students typically ask (especially regarding entry/admission requirements). This additional option does NOT replace the formal application procedure. Applications should be submitted to the examinations office according to the procedure described below and which consist of two parts: 1. online applications and 2. written applications. 

1. Online applications

The first step is for applicants to register with the online application system at the university and to submit an application. The access link changes each semester and can be found directly on the website of the examination office, as can the relevant deadlines. On completion of the online application, applicants will be automatically issued with a registration number via email. It is essential to keep this number safe!

2. Written Applications

Following the online application, an additional written application has to be made. In order to submit the written application, you will need the registration number issued at the end of the online procedure. The application must include the submission of the following documents:

  • Letter of motivation (max. two A4 pages or 3000 characters)
  • The examinations office will provide a form which needs to be filled in (you will need your     registration number for this)
  • Certification or current summary of achievements regarding the course of study (diploma/degree/Bachelor) qualifying you to embark on this course. An overall grade must be evident. If the course of study qualifying you for the Master’s course has not yet been completed, you will need to provide a provisional final grade (if this is not shown in the summary of achievements, corresponding certification will need to be provided by the relevant examination office).

Additionally, you will need to submit the following documents specifically for HCI:

  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • If required, a performance record of your skills and knowledge regarding design and development (see section “Admission Requirements”)

Please submit your written application to:

Universität Siegen
Prüfungsamt Fakultät III
57068 Siegen

Further information

For further information and details visit the HCI website: HCI Siegen | Masterprogramm in Human Computer Interaction, Universität Siegen.