Study M.Sc. HCI

The master program consists of a mandatory module, an elective module and a supplementary module.

The courses listed in the mandatory module are compulsory for all students. Students are free to choose from both the elective module and the supplementary module. The schedule can be individually adapted according to interest and chosen specialization. 

The mandatory subjects (33 cp) must be attended by all HCI-students. This is where the foundations are laid – a general understanding of HCI in theory and practice, user experience and further relevant areas, such as research methodology and sketching techniques. You will require a total of 24 credit points of your choice from the elective subjects. Each semester sees a variation on the subjects on offer in this area. Certainly there are of course a number of overriding requirements – such as the Master thesis. One necessary requirement is the selection of two complete modules from other departments (18 cp). Although these modules do not comprise HCI core components, they must be thematically interrelated to HCI.

A more formal, detailed description of the courses can be found here.