Solutions for Environment, Economics, and Democracy (SEED)

Siegen Workshop

October 26 & 27, 2017


SEED aims to develop more integrated approaches to economics and democracy that work better
for people and the planet. This requires finding narratives and practices that better connect the
many fragmented groups currently working on economic, environmental and political change. This
workshop is intended to define, and advance the development of an international thought/action
collective to find integrated solutions to pressing systemic problems in the environment, economy
and democracy. The initial concept of SEED is to:

  • Connect scholars and practitioners so that together we can identify and develop ideas about
    sustainable economics and more credible democracy, and find ways to implement them.
  • Explore strategies for overcoming isolation and fragmentation among groups working in
    these issue areas. In particular, how can such groups develop common narratives, share
    successful models, and act with greater impact.
  • Counter the elite networks that keep neoliberal policies in place with some form of
    technology enabled people power to support integrated solutions that address the pressing
    and linked problems in economics, environment and democracy.

Read the full SEED manifesto for more information.

Workshop Objectives

The objectives of the workshop are to: (1) reach consensus on the SEED thought collective’s
purpose and identity, using the current idea framework for SEED as presented in the manifesto as a
starting point (2) discuss the design and implementation of both a digital platform and face to face
activities. Workshop participants will help identify key actors, different opportunities and obstacles to
engagement, and think about solutions for key challenges. We also hope to create development
path for the digital platform, develop funding strategies, and identify next steps following this